Vintage West Texas Comedy Rock Showband

CHICKEN LITTLE AND HIS FABULOUS EGGWHITES - (Contributed by Randall Rudd) RR writes:"Chicken Little and His Fabulous Eggwhites," the legendary outfit from Abilene, Texas, was not only the inspiration for Johnny Dee & The Rocket 88s, but some of the original players are still with the band nearly 40 years later. Others went on to be part of "The Electromagnets." The Fabulous Eggwhites were a phenom in West Texas at the time. They invented Elvis impersonation, with the first known Elvis impersonator, Tommy Grisham, complete with gold suit! And this was back when Johnson was still president! They did lots of Mothers of Invention, Elvis, parodies of the hit bands of the day, originals and what's now called "oldies." Plus onstage comedy routines and bits. Way, way ahead of their time."

Photo Below: Here's a rare shot of a comedy/rock band that was huge in West Texas in the 60s. The genesis of Johnny Dee & The Rockets 88s.

(l to r) Tom Grisham-guitar, vocals / Steve Barber - key, vocals / Richard Vannoy - guitar vocals / Gary Beebe-drums, vocals / Earle Meadows-bass / Randy Rudd -guitar-vocals-trombone (not pictured: Noel Kelton - bass, vocals / Dan Olsen - guitar / Ken Ferguson, guitar.

Chicken Litlle & His Fabulous Eggwhites

Contributed by Randal Rudd