That great little ole band from San Antonio

UNITED - (Contributed by Phil Moran a.k.a. OKIE D) Paul Kandera - guitar,voc / Willie Melon - bass,voc / Urban Urbano - drums / Doug Brock - drums,congas. Also: Louis Harrell and Bruce Swboda. Phil writes: I'll never forget the first time I saw UNITED. It was a battle of the bands at the TEEN CANTEEN. They set up on the left side of the dance floor in front of the stage. They were tight and HEAVY. Urban and Doug produced a massive, 2 drum set assault, but not overdone or cluttered. GREAT! Paul played a brown sunburst single pickup Gibson Firebird through a Marshall 50w amp. Willie played a Gibson EB-0 bass through a big SUNN amp. They played Paul's songs "Fly United" and "Boiling Blood". Then they finished their set with G.F.R.'s "Mr. Limousine Driver" which they delivered at an excruciating, gut grinding tempo. (Killer Cool!). I guess Sam (Kinsey) didn't book them much. He probably didn't appreciate their, "Bad boy / below the belt", approach to r&r. I loved it!

Hell of a band. Bass (various players over the years) Urban Urbano - drums & Paul Kandera - guitar/voc.

United Paul Kandera

United Band

United Band Reunion

United live on stage

Contributed by Paul Kandera / Neka