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Note: Most bands are on this page were born since the 90's. Other bands listed on this page are here because they are still current and still playing even though they might have been born in the 60's, 70's, or 80's onward and can still be considered current or even legendary.

ALLEGED - (Contributed by Ray Wilburn) RW writes: "2003 I was with the group "Alleged" here in San Antonio which consists of Randy Toman jr. guitar/vocals, Art Carrejo bass ,and Chris Lopez vocals but i've since left to start an as yet un-titled band."

ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL - Mike Lowell writes: "One of the all time greats to come out of Texas. Kings of the Texas Swing sound."

AUGIE MEYERS - Augie is a fixture around the SA area. For a period of about 15 yrs after his chart topping hey day with the Sir Douglas Quintet, Augie fronted his own band around the area featuring a revolving door of local musicians. It was not unusual to run into him at the music store or at the grocery store during this period. I never took the opportunity to talk with him as I found his age and large size to be rather intimating. What would I have in common to talk with him about? Around the mid-eighties, Augie re-teamed with Doug Sahm and formed the TEXAS TORNADOES. They revived their careers and became stars again. They are currently big in the Tejas market and Europe and have held steady for 15 yrs now. (Contributed by Kurt Otto) KO writes: "I talked to this old guy at Hermes. I was buying a guitar strap. He asked do you play guitar? I said yes. Rhythm or lead? Mostly rhythm. He saw my casbeers shirt and he asked if augie meyers ever played there. I said sure, I said I was an augie disciple then he said he used to have a TV show in the 50's called Children's Theater, his name was Johnny Lane.He said how these 14 year old kids named augie meyers and doug sahm used to come to his show. Also, he mentioned another 14 year old kid named denny mathis. My jaw dropped. I couldn't believe my luck to get in a conversation with him. Claude says he remembers the show, it was before my time I'm afraid."

AZRAEL - (Contributed by Robert Fields) RF writes: "I came across your page while in the hunt for some info on "TheWellSouls". Anyway I saw the band listings page and freaked at some of the clubs and bands that I remember going to/ seeing way back when. I myself was in a band called "Azrael". The first version started in 89' with Joe Hudson on vocals, Rene Medellin on drums, Joe Villalobos on guitar, and myself: Robert Fields on bass. We did originals in the "progressive metal" style and even managed a few covers from Journey, Loudness and Ozzy. The second form of the band went from 91' to 93' with David Hamm on vocals, Carlos Martinez on guitar, Brian Taylor on drums and again myself on bass. The band came to an end due to the death of David. He was only 23 and died while sleeping due to carbon monoxide poisoning. I remember playing places like Wacky's, Tacoland, Eddie's, Crystal Palace (I think it was off of Military?), some club off of N.Main across from SAC & right next to Hogwild; can't remember the name. Oh, then there was Pazute's and the infamous Sneakers. Anyway, since then I've played in country bands, tejano bands, oldies bands, and currently I'm playing with Paris By Night (original rock) and DesDemona (with ex-Violet Trip singer Erica). Thanks for keeping up a page like this....very cool."

BEPKO, FLETCHER & ROSE / BEPKO, SANTOS & ROSE (Contributed by Bill Lieber) Bill writes: "Ronny Rose, Phil Bepko and Roger Santos still play here and I have the pleasure of sitting in with both bands. Still there is some of the old clan. And, we're still kick'in. Every time I see them play I get all chocked up." Mike Lowell writes: Be sure to check out the gallery. I have a pic of BFR taken awhile back before Roger joined. Those guys are real vets of the SA scene going back to numerous bands and lineups in the past. They are still great. (Contributed by Steve Denney) SD writes: "They used to play every weekend at Gallagher's Steakhouse off I-10 and Wurzbach. It was a small, fun, pub-type room and they always had a good crowd. I would go by whenever I wasn't working and they always let me sit in. A great bunch of guys; very versatile musically, always professional to a T, and nice people to boot."

BLUE SKYZ - (Contributed by Roy Rousseau) RR writes: "I, along with David Russell, Mike Lester, and Charlie Dickey have just started a blue grass gospel band called Blue skyz, Music ministry is our purpose. These guys are great pickers and love the Lord."

BO PORTER & THE DIXIE ROCKITS - (Contributed by Andrea Porter) Check out this Austin outfit next time you are looking for a good time.

BOBBY BEAL BAND - See a full photo and comments page HERE .

CARASCO, JOE KING - (Contributed by CJ Wilson) CJ writes: "Joe King Carasco..i ran the sound system on that show in Norman...his drummer was whining to their female keyboardist about Joe not liking him or something and she was trying to advise him on how to talk to Joe..i thought it was funny. Joe was just oblivious to everything going on around him during setup. I asked him how he liked his Roland Space Echo,and he went 'oh, i don't know, how do you like it?' He went to play video games. (Contributed by Randy Galliher) Randy writes: "I saw Joe King Carrasco for the first time in Austin at Club Foot about 1984. He put on a fantastic show jumping into the audience from the second floor balcony while playing lead guitar. Years later I caught him on Saturday Night Live as the featured Band. He tried to backflip into the audience and they almost dropped him. I don't think the audience knew what hit them. It was just great Tex/Mex Conjunto Rock-n-Roll. In 1998 I saw Joe at a bar in Tampa, Florida called Skippers. Skippers is a great restaurant/bar with large oak trees like Cooter Brown's used to have. Joe had long dred locks and had put on a few pounds (like most of us). The crowd was sparse and he did no backflips into the dancers. He has added more reggae to his sets. During a break I spoke with him at the bar and he told me he was playing that gig for his wifes' relatives in Tampa. Nevertheless, the music was great and he still has an exceptional musical style. I always thought he would become re-discovered as another "Elvis Costello" type." (Contributed by Martin Medina) MM writes: "The King's "La Semana" Shows were legendary. Me and my buddies traveled up to the Hill country to see them once. They were billed with a bunch of hard rock bands. I think Yesterday and Today was one of the headliners. They were almost booed off stage. We loved it. We ended up leaving with them to do a photo shoot at the Alamo with a writer from the English rock magazine, New Musical Express. I'll never forget it."

CECIL AND SYLVIA - (Contributed by Scoop) S writes: "I haven't read through every entry yet, but I don't recall seeing any mention of Cecil Thomason and/or Cecil and Sylvia. He was friends with Pat Wetmore and David Hill."

CHASE - (Contributed by Dennis Shows) DS writes: "I was looking at your trivia website, and I noticed the piece that Bobby Stoner contributed about the band Foxfire, and their guitarist David DeLuna. I am from Port Lavaca, about 30 miles south of Victoria. I graduated in 1980, and really didn't get to go out to see live music until the 80;s, but when I did, I saw this band at a little dive in the country called the Music Box. There was this band there called CHASE; they kicked major buttocks! They were extremely tight as they played covers by Sammy Hagar, Eddie Money, Journey, and even some real good originals that could have been played on the radio at that time. Anyway, being an aspiring guitarist; I took to David's style, and he was and is still an amazing player! I ended up befriending David, and, have kept in touch with him off and on, from then to today. Let me give some history, where b.s. left off. David on guitar[lead], Mike Penson on lead vocals and rythym guitar, Frank Nance on drums, John Bustos on bass. This lineup lasted until about late 84. Frank left to join the Emotions, I think, and was replaced by a guy out of Austin, named Paul Ramsey. Paul Ramsey left the band quickly, because some things were different than he was told. I left Port Lavaca for a couple of years, and was told that the band went through a few drummers, and a new bass player, that I didn't meet 'till around 2000, named Skip, I cant remember his last name. Ultimately, the band broke up, in about 87 or 88. David played with several bands in the area, including the Emotions, in the early 90's. he finally decided to do his own stuff, and along the way became born again, He now has a three piece band, with Paul Ramsey, back on drums, and Skip, back on bass. They play Christian inspired instrumental rock, and some with vocals too, in the same vein as Joe Satriani, and Eric Johnson; they are called S.K.P."

CHRIS HOLZHAUS - (See YouTube Video -Nov18,07 HERE Mike Lowell writes: Here is a guy that can only be described as an honest to goodness Texas Blues guitar legend. His work goes back some 35 years or so. Never in all of that time did Chris ever venture to far from his roots in the blues or variations of the blues. While much of the time Chris performs as a solo artist with band, he has played in a long list of bands most notably in Augie Meyers band - LP ("You ain't rollin your roll right") and 14 years as main axeman for recording artist Delbert McClinton based out of Ft.Worth Tx. Chris has played with many, many groups such as The Argyles, Giant Smiling Dog, Eastwood Review, The Children and many, many more. If you have lived in SA or the Texas area any length of know who he is. One of the best slide players ever and has a CD on the market and still plays the Texas area. (Contributed by Val Mora) VM writes: "I jammed many times with Chris thru the late 80's and early 90's. I fondly recall doing a gig with Chris and Van at an outdoor restaurant on 410 and Evers area. It had palm trees. Jammed with Chris many times at clubs up and down Austin Hwy in NE SA. Kimosabe's and Jagged Sky come to mind. Ran into Chris at Heart of Texas (in Austin) along with SRV more than a few times. I would like to jam with Chris again."

CHRISTOPHER CROSS - Mike Lowell writes: His real name is Chris Geppert. Long before he was famous and the Grammy awards he spent years in the San Antonio area. When I first moved to SA I became aware of him and his band FLASH. He was always known to me as this great guitar player who could be seen at a number of local gigs. I don't know why he never became known as a guitar player once he hit the big time. I once heard him do a note for note rendition of Cream's "Crossroads". My mouth dropped at the ease which he pulled this off. One of my favorite original tunes of Chris's in the early days was a song called "The Crush". Chris came from a rich family and was several years ahead of me attending Alamo Heights HS. I once had the chance to talk to Chris at a gig at the Teen Canteen and what he said surprised me at the time. He was totally disgusted with the band business and he was getting ready to quit and go back to school to be a dentist. Which he did for a while (I heard). A couple years later I found out he had returned to the music business and moved to Austin and formed a cover band called CHRIS CROSS (among others) playing the college circuit. I once caught a gig by this lineup at FitzWilly's near UTSA one night. They did a great set of Beach Boys tunes note for note among other songs. He got the music industry behind him after years of struggle and demo tapes and managed to sweep the Grammy's (1980) to everyone's surprise including his. Phil Arroyo, a local guitarist, ran into him at a music store in SA a year after his 5 grammy sweep. He told Phil that despite his gold record he had yet to see any money from the label. It took another 6 months or so for the money to start rolling in and all that time he had to continue to live as a poor guy on a small allowance. Things finally got better and Chris spent his money on race cars until he had a bad accident almost ending his career. His web site says that he is back to songwriting and continues to record. Now on his 7th CD release. Mike Lowell adds: The following contribution is by Rob Meurer, who is a long time Chris Geppert co-song writer, musical partner, talented multi-instrumentalist and SA veteran. Rob politely corrected me on several items that I had previously written in error. (Contributed by Rob Meurer ) Rob writes: "Flash and The Oh-So-Good Band never co-existed. A little back-info: During the Flash days, I was the drummer in Virgil Foxx (which featured the one and only Jay Hoyer, as well as, in an earlier incarnation, Phil Arroyo. Andy Salmon was the lead guitarist in The Laughing Kind (which featured singer Phil Bepko, who Dubby later played with). Flash, Virgil Foxx, and The Laughing Kind all played at the Jam Factory and other S.A. mainstays in the later 60s, and we were fans of each others bands. The Laughing Kind was the first to disband, and Dubby was replaced in Flash by Andy Salmon, who switched to bass for the gig (and stayed on bass for many years). When Flash broke up, I played drums for a while in a trio called Mister Moose, which featured Dubby on bass and Cliff Oliver on guitar. After a while, Chris wound up in the group and Cliff eventually headed off for law school (Correction: Cliff writes: "finish my accounting degree"). So this trio became The Oh-So-Good Band. But it was at least a year after Flash had broken up; probably more. In '72, Chris, Andy, Tommy Davis, and I all moved to Austin and formed a group. After many name, city, and personnel changes, this group (minus Tommy Davis and plus Tommy Taylor on drums; I'd switched to keys) became the band Christopher Cross. We played as a group for years while sending out demo tapes of Chris' material to labels, and we were all on the big WB album in '80, after WB changed Chris Geppert into Christopher Cross. We all still lived in Austin when the hits were happening. Chris never moved to L.A. until well after the success was in full gear. I played with Chris off and on (but mostly on) until just a year or so ago We put out his seventh album last year, and he sounds better than ever". (Addition by Rob Meurer) "Hank Hehmsoth was our second keyboardist on a few Cross tours, but never played on the records. Old Trivia: The first time Chris and I ever played his music together -- in 1970 in his bedroom at his parents' house on Newbury Terrace, ......... Chris borrowed a Rhodes for me from Hank Hehmsoth" . (Contributed by Kurt Linhof) Kurt writes: "Christopher Cross, in 1974, for the first studio single, 'Talkin' 'Bout Her" consisted of: Chris (Geppert) Cross-vocals and guitar, Eric Johnson-lead guitar, Rob Meurer - keys, Jim Newhouse-percussion, Kurt Linhof-bass. We played in Houston disguised as 'Heatherblack', a pretty hot cover band. Additional or alternate personnel were, at various times: Galen Latimer-vocals, Kenny Cordray-lead guitar, Clay Hemphill-keys."

CLEARTONES - (Contributed by Mike Workman) MW writes: "Aug92-Aug02: Charlie Traeger approached me when I was sitting in down at Dick's and asked me to join with him. We formed the Cleartones to do mostly weddings and functions (hardly any clubs) and we have been through a number of musicians in these 10 years. And I can't remember their names. I am upgrading the website, so the first page doesn't draw very well. Will be better in a week or so." (Mike Workman adds-july 09) "Don't know if you want to update the Cleartones, but we finally have stopped working. Charlie Traeger has settled in to be an at-home father and is not booking the band anymore. The last 10 years we had the following personnel: Paula Thompson (guit/vocs), Peter Carey (guit/vocs), Pat Wellberg (bass/vocs), C. C. Pinkston (drums/vocs), Charlie (sax), Ed Sherry (trumpet), Mike Brumbaugh (trombone). We started in Aug 1992 and played our last gig with the full band at the end of 2007. A good band that was capable of playing some 8,000 songs. Ha. The crowds used to try to stump us, don't think they ever did. Actually, we had a few other vocalists before Paula: Roxanne Krezdorn, Belinda, and Jane Kalson were all part of the band at one time. We had a lot of subs through the years for almost all instruments."

JOHNNY COLVIN BAND / DELTA-RYDE -Click HERE to view a full photo and comments page.

CONES SISTERS - (Contributed by Mike Workman) MW writes: "Jan90-Oct90: I played with the Cones Sisters band at the Holiday Inn Airport. We never had a name, but a hell of a group! Billy Staggs on guitar, Dan Dreeben on drums, Jerry Fields on bass, and me. Carmen Bryant sat in with us for a few weeks here and there."

COSMIC COWBOYS - See a full photo and comments page HERE .

CROSSFIRE - ( Contributed by Bill Lieber ) Bill writes: "I still play around town a little. My forte is rythym and blues but I play all kinds of music. I play at the keyboards and guitar but my main instrument is harmonica. I play with a band called Crossfire....mainly do private gigs ....weddings ....corporate stuff. The money is definitely better."

DANCE REGINA - Dallas Band Mike Lowell writes: "I had the chance to catch this outfit out at Wizards here in Dallas. Great band. They have their own niche in this area that sets them apart. These guys (&gals) make use of all the latest tricks in computerized gizmos to create a non stop sweaty dance fest for the audience. In addition to each members main instrument each has their own synth and the night is spent switching and moving without ever skipping a beat. Out front on main vocals is Kaila Brasell who also does a mean guitar and keys. Her voice is rich and reminds me of the sound of Christine McVie from Fleetwood mac. Kaila's stage presence is energetic with grinds and bumps as she belts out the songs. The guitarist named John Inman does his share of blazing guitar and I'm sure he acts as the eye candy for the ladies. Allen Mouradian is the rock solid back beat on drums and one of the best in the area. Bobby R is the unchallenged electronic wiz of the band handling the wall of synths and computers. I'm sure his uncanny resemblance to Rod Stewart complete with haircut is no accident. Ok... yes I like this outfit and I will be checking them out again. Dance on! .

DAWN, KATHERINE AND ASHLEE ROSE See a full photo and comments page HERE

DOYLE TWINS - (Contributed by Glenda Brock) GB writes: "Jeff Doyle is staying very busy these days - he is currently involved in the following groups and projects. Lead Guitarist/some vocals - TEXAS RADIO. Lead Guitarist/some vocals - NSomnia - (Sunday evenings at Snoops along with Val Mora of Bamboo and Jason Brooks of Driven Zero). Lead Guitarist/some vocals - Our Religion (Americana Band) currently working on 2nd CD. Permanent member of the "Tuaca Whores" base band (open jam) every wednesday and thursday nights at Make My Day - The Tuaca Whores band members are: Jeff Doyle, Vince Garcia, Randy Adair, Craig Whittiker and Bobby Beal. Lead Guitarist - Pignation - (look to find them opening for nations acts real soon) Other members in that band are Chris Watkins on Bass Guitar and, of course, Jerry Doyle on drums. Lead Guitarist - Nightwork - (Nightwork is about to go into the recording studio and do a re-issue of their 1986 record with 4 new bonus tracks added)(very popular overseas). Jerry Doyle (current activites includes) - : Drummer - Pig Nation: Drummer - Our Religion. Hope this will help you update the DOYLE TWINS. Thanks... Glenda".

CHRIS DUARTE - (Contributed by Ann In Dallas) RockinAnnie writes: "Is San Antonio's own Chris Duarte mentioned on your website? I saw him the other night at Poor David's Pub. His fingers move FASTER than ever and his new material is GREAT! He said his new CD should be out in August."

STEVE EARLE - (Contributed by Larry Hall) Larry writes: "This guy is a huge talent, but he has that ol' San Antonio propensity for messing up his life. He and C.W., Our bassist in Mesquite, used to hitchhike back and forth to Nashville before he made it big. He is definitely a San Antonio product." (Contributed by Danny Cowan) Danny writes: "Here's something you might not have known (or maybe you do): The outlaw country singer Steve Earle was in a couple of my little band aggregations in the early days. He was attending Rogers Jr. High (on the southeast side) for a couple of years and we were big running buddies, jamming and gettin' in to trouble...... Our paths crossed some when I was touring those four years with Augie Meyers & The Western Headband and I talked with him by phone when he started touring with his band The Dukes." (Contributed by Chuck Balcar) CB writes: "My memory of Steve Earle was staying up all night on July 3rd, 1972 sitting on the parking lot of the Kelly Field Drive-in theater for something called IDF I. Steve, my twin, a guitarist named Fred Money, and a girl named "Star" -- remember it was 1972 -- and I drank a case of Strawberry Hill (9 bottles) that my dad had bought us (we were all about 17) and slept maybe an hour after watching lone ranger movies and jamming, then sit through Freddie King, Frieda and the Fire Dogs (Marcia Ball) and Seals and Crofts. That night we must have sang "Bexar County Jail to the tune of Birmingham Jail about six times everytime a new group of stoners would wonder over." (Contributed by Gloria Jauregui) GJ writes: "By the way, that reminds me I went to Holmes High School with Steve Earle. I have some great photos of him in our year book when he was a sophomore in the drama club called the Holmes Players. I remember him sitting on the sidewalk across the street from the high school playing his guitar outside a place called Sunny's similar to the Sac & Pac's in New Braunfels. If I can make some copies would you like me to send them to you? One photo is of him with his guitar." (Contributed by Bubba Henze) BH writes: "I wasn't aware that Steve Earle was from SA. I toured with Mary Chapin Carpenter in 2001 and Steve Earle opened a lot of those shows. He is an outstanding guy and we fly fished together in Reno."

EDDIE AND THE ALLNITERS - (Contributed by John Ramirez) JR writes: "I'm in two bands but only one is playing - Eddie and the Allniters ... that's Ed Polanco-remember Island? Basically a blues band but a 3 guitar army with Ray Symczyk who also plays accordion, mandolin, and keys; we mix in some Cajun and Tex-Mex. Ed plays good blues harmonica, acoustic and slide. I must say at age 61, I still get the same feeling with all guitars wailing at the end of Watchtower...except now we know to go where the other guys aren't. We have a myspace site that is just getting going ... trying to come up to the times."

EMERALD CITY BAND - Mike Lowell writes: One of the major dance bands in the Dallas area. These guys have been around since the early eighties and are still a major draw in the area. I've seen them several times at Clubs like Memphis but also at a few local special events around the area. This is a very large band, around 12 members or so, and they fill up the stage when they perform. I have to say, they do kick ass, and with such a variety of instruments in the band they can play just about any type of music which usually consists of very danceable current cover tunes. Band members include: Deno Taglioli -Vocals,Percussion/ Kenny Evans -Drums,Vocals/ Dwayne Heggar -Electric,Key Bass/ Dean Columbaro -Keyboards/ Lynn Gamez -Vocals/ Jennifer Smith -Vocals/ Adam Palma -Guitar,Vocals/ Dave Butler -Trombone/ Jim Foster -Trumpet,Flugel/ Ken McGill -Trumpet/ Clay Pritchard -Saxophone/ Kazuki Magashima -Bari Sax .

EXCEPTIONS - (Contributed by Ron Frei) RF writes: "I currently play original and cover music in a band called the Exceptions here in SA. Sometime we use the name Bad Neighbor, depending."

THE FEEL - (Contributed by Robin Overall) Robin Overall-guitar,voc / Ralph Doelling-bass,voc / Steve Krugman-drums.1998' Robin writes: "Released an album entitled "Shadowlands" in 1998. The single "Looking For An Angel" went into the national charts (Top 40) first week of release and received air play in 33 markets across the U.S. and in Europe. The album will be re-released in 2001 as a Robin Overall solo album under a new record/publishing deal and will be followed by a second solo record entitled "Firebird". The band will be touring in the coming year in the SW and in Europe. RO adds: Brian Goldberg did a few sessions with Ralph Doelling and I in Austin when I started putting together The Feel, but his schedule did not allow him to be involved when it came time to cut the album. He plays in a band out of Houston that features a 50s style piano player/singer named Ezra Charles (very Jerry Lee Lewis). A really great drummer, always a pleasure to play with him."

The Flavours featuring Dave Hineman - See a full photo and comments page HERE .

THE FLATLANDERS - (Contributed by Fran Barrineau) FB writes: "I had the unbridled pleasure of seeing the Flatlanders in concert last Wednesday night at the Paradise Lounge in Boston. The crowd was hungry and the boys put out a banquet. Their rendition of Terry Allen's "Gimme A Ride To Paradise" was in itself worth the price of admission. They had everybody rockin' and the heat they generated helped melt the last of winter's gloom. This was the first time I had seen them and I look forward to the next time. They hung out afterwards and were charming and unpretentious, which I would have expected. It was wonderful to see an audience of Yankees whooping and hollering - the lively spirit of the band was infectious and smiles broke out on those solemn northern faces like blue bonnets in a springtime Texas field."

FRANKIE MACHINE - (Contributed by Sam Wakefield) SW writes: "Creston Funk (ex-Steve & Infidels member) formed Frankie Machine in Los Angeles in 1999. Signed to Mammoth Records, released album and toured with Stone Temple Pilots, Godsmack, Third Eye Blind, etc."

RANDY GARIBAY - One of the great Blues artists to come out of San Antonio. Rest in Peace.

THE GREEN ONIONS - Houston Band (Contributed by Monica Domingue) MD writes: "Ronnie Hall is the leader of the group, "The Green Onions" ( Ronnie's been around Houston for many years. Super band.

HAWKINS BROS - Jim and Jamie Hawkins-multi instrumentalists / Phil Moran-vocals,drums,bass / various stand-in musicians. Mike Lowell writes: Phil tells me he is currently gigging with this brother duo and having a blast. He describes the duo's singing abilities like a modern day Everly Brothers. All members switch around on different instruments and all must be an outstanding vocalist as well as drum ability as membership requirement. This act is big in the dance hall circuit in small towns surrounding the SA area. The act is well known and a big draw in this circuit. Go get'em Phil......

BUGS HENDERSON/ Mouse and the Traps - See a full photo and comments page HERE .

BETH HOOKER - See a full photo and comments page HERE

HORIZON(Contributed by Freddy Carrillo) FC writes: "Horizon features Freddy Carrillo on lead vocals, sax, keys. John Boggess on keys and vocals. Geoff Boggess drums and Raul Rodriguez on lead guitar and vocals. Horizon went through several iterations and at one time included Sahara Greer on bass and TBow Gonzales on lead vocals, congas and other percussion.  During that time, Horizon had air play with the single "Try My Love Again" on the local and Texas radio stations.  Other records included "Magic Music", "They Don't Make 'em Like You", and others. Horizon was also the warm up act for "The Commodores" and "Peabo Bryson".  Horizon is still playing locally and can be found at"

INCOGNITO - Dallas Band - Mike Lowell writes: These guys have been around the Dallas area for at least 10-15 years and really know how to rock a house. A nice change from all the endless string of corporate bands in this area. Some people from the 70's might remember the bass player from a band called BlackHorse that was big for years around this area.

JOE CALVERT AND SOUTHERN CROSS - (Contributed by David Sumners) DS writes: "Joe Calvert and Southern Cross 1990-1995. A mostly “special occasion” band formed by Joe and Albert Steves, this featured the best side men in town. We were the “hired guns” band. Randy Reinhardt on pedal steel, Dan Dreeben on drums, Peter Carey on guitar, myself on bass and Rick Majni on keyboards. We opened a lot for name acts like Wille Nelson, Tanya tucker and Eddie Rabbit."

JOHNNY DEE & THE ROCKET 88'S - no info yet.

ERIC JOHNSON - Mike Lowell writes: The first time I saw this legend was on a first time pleasure trip to Austin around 76'. I was with members of my band OVERLOAD and we wanted to check out some of the local talent. Little did I know that my first exposure to Austin talent would be from a future guitar hero. I was humbled in thinking that maybe all competitors from Austin would be as awesome as this band called the ELECTROMAGNETS. On this evening (at Mother Earth), Eric played a red Gibson 335 dot neck guitar out of a Marshall / Fender rig. The music was jazz rock instrumental. They were one of these bands that drew a small, non dancing, but loyal group of fans. Everyone sat in a stupor as we watched this group of amazing musicians. Eric plays these lightning quick runs while making his guitar sound identical in tone to a violin player. His playing makes other guitar players want to give up totally OR practice really hard, or both. Later in the year, I ran into him at an Austin music store called Heart of Texas. Eric was testing out some guitars. He is one of the most shy geniuses I've had the pleasure to meet. Since I heard he was not at ease talking to strangers, I simply went over to say hi and that I was a fan and left him in peace. I read in a Guitar Player magazine article that Eric is his own worst critic and has a hard time hearing others praise his talent. He is forever doubting his talent and striving for perfection even though he is in the company of the worlds greatest guitar players. A number of years later, Eric snagged a record deal as a solo artist. After 3 CD releases under his belt and widespread regional radio play, he has finally become known and loved world wide by a small but loyal following. Famous, but not to the point of losing his privacy. The fame level is just about right for him in my opinion. Long Live Eric the Great! (Contributed by CJ Wilson) CJ writes: "At the Velvet Underground in OKC: Eric Johnson (before he got signed to a major label....he was very nice and signed a gig poster i had taken off a telephone pole." (Contributed by James Thorn) James writes: "Eric opened a gig for Christopher Cross at UTSA right after Chris had hit it big with 'sailing'. When we arrived to the theater that evening for the show Eric was momentarily denied access because the security guard (who was a student) said he was not 'old enough.' The road manager at that time was a burly guy named Fred Bonham who said 'Out of our way schoolboy, the next guitar messiah is here!' He let us through." (Contributed by Fran Barrineau) FB writes: "I was in Austin last Wednesday and saw Eric Johnson perform with Alien Love Child at Antone's. Whew......that boy can play. I have all his CD's but seeing him live was such a rush that I'm driving three and a half hours on the 11th of March to see him in Albany, New York. Of course, I flew to Austin from Boston, where I currently reside, just to see him play thanks to my husband's frequent flyer miles. I'm from Pensacola, Florida. I even talked two of my girl cousins, one from Berkeley, California and the other from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, to join me. We had a great time."

KENNY AND THE KAsUALS - See a full photo and comments page HERE .

THE KLOCKS - (Contributed by Mike Lowell) Bill Caisee-guitar, drums, voc / Marc Martinez- keys, Sax, Guitar, bass, voc / Brent Fields- bass, guitar, lead voc / Mac Gonzales - drums, guitar, voc. / Steve Trowbridge - sound / Bo Rios - lighting / Troy Bishoppetty - Lighting apps / Mac Hutchins - follow spot. Mike Lowell writes: These guys really kick ass. They can really rock out but the main strength is the ability to play any type of music very convincingly. I've gotten to know them a bit since they perform in the DFW area quite a bit. I mean, they are here all the time. On occasion I've even had the chance to sit in on a few numbers. The boys always have a packed crowd and they always go over great in this area. All for good reason. They kick ass!! The sound system and light show is top notch and the guys always have great chops coming off the stage. It's always a fun night when the band is here. One of the things readers should notice is the high tech setup the band uses. NO AMPS for one. Everything is setup to go straight to the mixer and the guys use a earphone monitor system. What this means is primo control at the mixer and a great sound coming off the stage. Brent is the leader of the band and a real nice guy to boot. He is also the tech whiz and band web master. Bill is the guitar slinger with a great set of chops and a long history of playing in SA bands. Mac ( on drums) has a super voice able to manage the high parts making their covers of songs from the Bee Gees note for note. All in all a powerful package all way round. Definitely one of the best bands to come out of SA. They have to be one of the hardest working road bands in the state. Visit the band website, see them live. You won't regret it. Buy a CD while you are at it. Mike Lowell adds: This next contributor was kind enough to fill me in on a much older version of the Klocks from back in the day.... (Contributed by Monica Pape Cox) John Allen-guitar, lead voc / Eddie Doran- keyboards / Tracey Killough- bass / Darren Kreth (and later Robin Webb) - drums. Mike Lowell writes: Here was a band that appeared on the scene around the early 80's. I remember an MTV styled song list and image styling. The guys always had a fun time on stage and kept the dance floors full. Everyone always had a great time at one of the gigs from this outfit. I would see them at Cooter Browns and also gigs on Austin Hwy. Monica writes: "The club on Austin Highway that the Klocks played at was Norma Jean's. All but Robin, were graduates of Holmes High School and classmates of Mike Morales. About two years ago, John & Ed put the band back together. They played regularly on the riverwalk & various clubs in Austin."

THE KRAYOLAS - (Contributed by Kenny Kaufman) Hector Saldana-guitar / David Saldana -drums / Van Baines-guitar / Barry Smith-bass. KK writes: "They did a lot of Beatles complete withn Sgt Pepper costumes." (Contributed by Hector Saldana) Hector writes: "We recently released a compilation of the 45 rpm vinyl singles we made beginning 30 years ago. It's called "Best Riffs Only" and it received an excellent review in the San Antonio Current as is getting airplay on KSYM-FM and KTRU-FM, as well as on Little Steven's Underground Garage. From the very beginning, The Krayolas always included their own music in their sets. The Krayolas were a popular and influential teenage power pop and garage band that emerged on the San Antonio scene in the mid-'70s playing at the Warehouse Club, Bits 'n' Pieces and the Teen Canteen. The "K" in their name comes from their heroes the Kinks. Founded by brothers Hector Saldana and David Saldana, the band recorded its first record, "All I Do Is Try"/"Sometime" at Zaz Studio in early 1977. The Krayolas won the KTFM Battle of the Bands at Sunken Garden Theater in summer 1977 and as the prize went to Six Flags in Dallas to play with Chuck Berry. In the early days, guitarists Hector Saldana and Van Baines played matching electric 12-string Rickenbacker guitars on songs by the Byrds, the Who and the Beatles. A typical set included songs by the Raspberries, Badfinger, the Rubinoos, the Rolling Stones, the Kinks, the Beatles and their own tunes. San Antonio Express-News music editor Ben King captured that scene in a story that ran July 4, 1976. One of their big breaks came playing several opening gigs for the hugely popular Vince Vance & the Valiants. And yes, we were famous for our kooky costumes, too. We once wore flimsy caveman outfits in front of 8,000+ people at Sunken Garden radio concert. The Krayolas toured and performed with Dave Edmunds, Nick Lowe, Sir Douglas Quintet, Rene & Rene, West Side Horns, Flaco Jimenez, Christopher Cross, Stevie Ray Vaughan, the Fabulous Thunderbirds, Joan Jett, Michael Bolton, Jerry Jeff Walker, Crazy Caven and the Rhythm Rockers, Mark Farner, Joe King Carrasco and many others. The band recorded two vinyl albums: "Kolored Music" (1982) and "Dead End Life" (1987) and several 45 rpm vinyl records. The Krayolas also appeared on MTV, ABC-TV "America Rocks," Showtime, Showbiz and KENS-TV "Jammin'." In 1983, "Kolored Music" was named Top 10 Independent Album by Goldmine, Trouser Press and CMJ. Their last 45 rpm record was "Find a Girl" in 1988. The Krayolas toured the country several times and performed at the Bitter End and the Bottom Line in New York and at the Roxy in Los Angeles."

MIKE KROPP - Mike Lowell writes: Mike is a singer /guitarist who has earned his dues around the SA area for a least 20 yrs. He has been in and out of groups on a permanent and part time basis but mainly performs as a solo act in local clubs. He is one of these true musicians who lives by his wits doing any and all variations of lineups that might come along. A nice guy and fine singer, you can usually find him somewhere on any current entertainment calender at some club to this day. Check him out next time you are in SA. (Contributed by Scoop) S writes: "Mike Kropp - I only recall bits about him. He played with a guy named Marty for a long time at a bar where my mother worked. He was also in a band called 'Self Propelled' for a while. I can't recall how long they were around, probably not long. The only other person I recall from that band was Gary Bernadini who played a pretty mean guitar."

LAST CALL - (Contributed by Naomi) N writes: "I cannot believe it!!! What a great website. Im back in SA and still using the ole vocal cords!!! I'm formally in a band called Last Call. Been with them for 1 year. Thanks for the memories. Mike Lopez works at University Hospital and really supports me still in the music venue. We have a son Jordan A Lopez who hopefully will bloom as a musician. At this time Jordan is 13 and loves to sing. Cant say I dont blame him."

MIKE LORD TRIO - ( Contributed by Joe McDuffie ) Joe writes: "How about the Mike Lord Trio out at the Conestoga?" (Contributed by Mike Lord) MLord writes: "Thanks to you, Joe McDuffie, and Bobby Flores for remembering the Conestoga Club and the "Good Old Days". I am happy to say that the original Mike Lord Trio featuring Chuck Robinson on Bass Guitar, Wendell O'Neal on Lead Guitar and, yours truly, Mike Lord are still alive and kickin'. We still talk by telephone and fondly remember the good times at the Conestoga Club. We were there every Friday and Saturday for fifteen years and about much of that time the crowds were at SRO capacity. By the way, about eleven years ago, Chuck, Wendell and I re-united in the studio to reprise many of our old standard "tunes" from the period and had them mastered to cassette. They are still available if there is any interest and I may be contacted by e-mail. Thanks again and keep up the good work." (Added by Mike Lord) Mike Lowell writes: "The Mike Lord 3 is BACK and ready to go after 20 years of retirement. Chuck Robinson on bass and vocals. Bill Beeson on lead guitar Mike Lord on drums and vocals. You have always had a great and informative web site.....KEEP IT UP!!!! If you have a chance to visit my spot on the web, I'd be delighted for some feedback." Visit my website at

LOOSE CHANGE - See a full photo and comments page HERE .

LOS DOS ESTEBANS - See a full photo and comments page HERE .

MARS HILL - Dallas Band - Mike Lowell writes: Awesome current band out of DFW. I have recently caught this act several times and always had a good time. Music is primarily top 40-ish but with heavy leanings toward jazz and funk at its core. Lots of original tunes thrown in as well. Really great band made up of local veteran musicians most of whom have separate musical careers when not playing as this group. Jennifer Perryman has one of the best vocals in the area and is a stunning beauty as well. Dave Barnett on guitar has been in a long line of successful area bands. On bass is Peter Champagne. The other members appear to be on a rotating basis depending on who is available and all have been top notch players. I suppose the basic story is that the members are all studio musicians and most are graduates of North Texas which is a top music college in the country. A great local act to catch if you are in the DFW area. One of my favourites for sure.

THE MAX - Mike Lowell writes: A current day working verison of this SA based band who frequently plays the DFW area and around Texas. Full review coming soon ... Stay tuned.

DARRELL MCCALL - (Contributed by Bobby Flores) BF writes: "I thought I saw Darrell McCall on your site and he's another one that is a local legend and is still billed as a name headliner in many of the dance halls around Texas. His band was called the Tennessee Volunteers and was incredible. Back in it's peak it featured Larry Roberson on drums, Larry Patton on bass, Johnny Gross on guitar, Dicky Overbey on steel and Hank Singer on Fiddle."

DELBERT McCLINTON - (Contributed by Chris Holzhaus) Chris writes: "Village Inn was the first place & time in San Antonio he played. The Village Inn was owned by Johnny Goode and Craig Sawtell. In 1975,i went out there to see one of my heroes, Delbert McClinton play. During Delberts first break, I wandered up to the side of the stage, to see if I could meet him. He was pissed off at the time that one of his guitar players didn't show up for the gig. He asked me if I would like to sit in with him, well, I always had my ax in the trunk of my car. I jumped at the chance to play with him. At the end of the next set he said, don't leave, finish the night and he handed me 50 bucks. Well, the next set was a fuckin killer, the crowd went nuts. After the show was over, he asked me if I had a gig, I told him I was looking for a way to remove myself from San Antonio. He said 'well,if you can handle Ft.Worth, you have a gig with me NOW!' I agreed and stayed with him off and on till the band moved to Nashville in 93. 2 trips to Europe, 39 states and more than a million miles on the road - was fuckin the best time of my life!"

MEDICINE MEN - (Contributed by Dennis Shows) DS writes: "In the mid 90's, I saw a band in Victoria one time at Sun Valley Ranch, and one time at The Downtown bar & grill [the old Brown Boar Saloon]. They were called THE MEDICINE MEN. David Alcocer, and Val Mora (later with Heyoka) were in it. I remember that the drummer had big bushy hair, and spelled out "MEDICINE MEN" on the bass drum head with little pieces of bamboo."

MIKE AND THE JAMMERS - See a full photo and comments page HERE .(Contributed by Mike Lowell) ML writes: "Back in May of 09 we gathered the planning committee for the Teen Canteen reunion which we would soon call "SamStock 2009". I was the principal promoter and organizer of this show but I knew I also wanted to play with a band for this show as well. It had been many years since I had played in a band but I had a wish list of players I always wanted to play with. Lo and behold, It was now or never. So I made some calls and to my astounding disbelief, I had managed to assemble my ultimate dream team of players. We had old band mates and pals in Gene Coleman and Phil Moran and Roger Kort. Also onboard was Val Mora of Heyoka and Nsomnia and Phil Dalmolin formerly of Too Smooth and the Dixie Chicks. To top it off was Steve Wisnoski known around town as "The Wiz" due to his guitar skills. Running sound for us was top tech wiz Mark "Dino" Eastwood. Talk about heaven on earth. What a great bunch of people and players. We ended up playing some Cream, Beatles, and James Gang and I had the time of my life. Thanks guys. It was awesome. Let's do it again. Thanks to all the folks who showed up and attended the reunion. It was great to see everyone again and will remain one of the highlights of mine. In this lifetime anyway. Cheers!

MISS NESSIE AND THE EAR FOOD ORCHESTRA - ( Contributed by David McDavid ) David writes: "I've started playing sax with Miss Neesie and the Ear Food Orchestra. These folks are a riot - a really good blues band that specializes in zydeco. We are all right around 50 years old and don't get out to play too often, but we really like to play and have a good time of it when we do. (Contributed by Hunter Harrison) HH writes: "I used to work with Jim Beal (Miss Nessie) as well. What a character!"

The Mo-Dels - See a full photo and comments page HERE .

CLAUDE MORGAN & THE BLAST - Mike Lowell writes: "One of the most colorful characters ever to come out of SA. Anyone who knows him knows just what I mean. Claude is still around in various bands and modes of entertainment." (Contributed by Hunter Harrison) HH writes: "I used to work at Caldwell Music in North Star Mall. I bought a nice, clean little Strat on account in there. I could not seem to get all the money together for it, so I turned it back in and got a copy guitar. Claude Morgan bought the Strat. As soon as he got it, he put one of those straps with the big metal buckles on it and put it in the case to bring it in to have it set up. When he opened the case, the big brass buckle had dug a big hole right in the front of the guitar! He was sick! After that, he cut off the "wings" and it became that ugly brown stained "teardrop" thing that he played for years."

MOXY - See the website at (Contributed by Tom Barrett) - TB writes: "Yes, Moxy have reformed - Earl Johnson + Buddy Caine vacation down here away from the Canadian blizzards." (Contributed by Scott Gerard) SG writes: "Hey Mike!! I wanted to let you know that I had the pleasure of playing drums with Moxy twice in 2000. I played with a band called "Jokester" for a few years and in the early part of 2000, our guitarist Jeff Land emailed Earl Johnson to see if they would like to come back to San Antonio to do a promotional gig for their recently released cd "MoxyV". Earl was more than happy to accept and he and Buddy Caine came down in July 2000 (The other members of Moxy had scheduling conflicts) and we booked a gig @ the "Copper Dollar" bar on Thousand Oaks. We packed the house with over 400 people. The lineup on stage was Earl Johnson (lead guitar), Buddy Caine (rhythm guitar), Scott Gerard (drums), Tom Roebuck (lead vocals), Ed Anglin (bass). On November 11, 2000, Moxy co-headlined with Saxon @ the "Sunken Gardens Theater" along with openers Jokester, Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush, Udo. This show definitely rocked to a sold out crowd of over 6000 people. It was definitely a highlight of my career. The night before the show, Earl & Buddy joined us @ the "OK Corral" club in Universal City and we played some Moxy tunes and also some great Texas Blues tunes that Earl really enjoys playing. That show was also a packed house. Moxy continues to stay in touch me and they are anxious to come back to San Antonio to do another kickass show. They have and always will be a San Antonio favorite. You can see pictures of the show on"

MUDDCATTS - See a full photo and comments page HERE .

NITZINGER, JOHN - ( Contributed by Roger Johnson ) Roger writes: "Nitzinger was a great power trio and one of the loudest groups I can remember. I saw them at the old King Arthur's Court on New Year's Eve, 1974. I think my hearing problem originated there. Great band. Last I heard John Nitzinger was living in the Dallas area and working in community theater." (Contributed by Wayne Pianta) WP writes: "John Nitzinger is still making a living playing music full time. He can be found in the DFW area on a regular basis. In Ft Worth, he plays 6th St. Grill on a regular basis. I just saw him there in January. In fact, 6th St Grill held a benefit concert for Nitzinger on a Sunday in January 2005 because almost all of his performance gear, except his Les Paul, was recently stolen out of his van. This was a day long blues fest with many great local players and bands performing. The band is still great, but John really shines."

N'SOMNIA - Contributed by Mike Lowell ) Mike writes: "Here is a new band around the San Antonio area made up of veterans of the rock scene going back quite a few years. These guys are bound to kick some serious booty with the chops contained in this outfit. Let's see, they have Val Mora, Dito Garcia, Gerardo Ramirez all from previous bands like Heyoka. Then there is Jeff and Jerry Doyle who have been in just about every rock outfit that ever existed in the area. Not to mention Rick Majni on keyboard. Whoa! Bound to have some big sounds with these guys.

OH-SO-GOOD BAND - See a full photo and comments page HERE

OUR RELIGION - (Contributed by Ric Swanson) RS writes: "I now have a band called 'Our Religion'. The core group is me, Chris Watkins, Jeff Doyle and Jerry Doyle. Yup, I'm still making music with some of the same guys I was 20 years ago! We can best be described as "Americana", though I detest pigeonholes. We're kind of an alt-country rock /bluegrass /folk blues outfit. Focusing a lot on organic sounds made with acoustic instruments and real voices. We produced a CD in 2001 with Marius Perron and have enjoyed many critical reviews and decent album sales from all over the world since then, thanks largely to our 'viral' popularity on the internet. It's a brave new world. In 2001, I was invited to play as finalist at the KERRVILLE FOLK FESTIVAL 'new folk' concert series. If you don't know about this ... it is a HUGE honor as a songwriter. Past finalists include Lyle Lovett, Steve Earle, Nanci Griffith, James McMurtry, many other notable songwriters. I was jazzed. I now have my own studio in Austin, where we record. We still mix with Marius and I continue to learn the subtle intricacies and nuances involved in the art and craft of music production from him. Marius has, without a doubt, single handedly taught me how to record WELL. It's my life's work. I don't much care about commercial success these days, prefering instead to create art that will hopefully be timeless. I also have a cushy day job as a Physics teacher, so I'm privileged to NOT have to play bars to make a living and I also have quite a bit of free time to work on music."

OZZY OSBOURNE - Mike Lowell writes: Everyone remembers the time Ozzy was in San Antonio and was arrested for taking a whizz on the Alamo. Many people were outraged, some were simply amused but everyone took notice of the national buzz it created. Just another colorful story to add to the San Antonio list of noteworthy events. *** The following was sent to me by a fellow who is a big fan of the local music scene but who in this case is also a member of the SAPD and was at the scene for this memorable event. He offered his first hand tale of what took place. (Contributed by Sam Vilo) SV writes: "Ozzy was arrested for urinating on the Alamo in 1982. I was new on the San Antonio Police force back then and was driving the paddy wagon. (Van outfitted for prisoner transport) A now retired Sgt was a foot patrolman back then and he actually arrested Ozzy when he showed up appearing intoxicated and with eyes dilated tremendously, suggesting the possibility of narcotic intoxication. Remember though that he was never charged for anything related to narcotics on that day so he must be presumed innocent. Ozzy apparently found himself in the position of badly needing to relieve himself without a close by convenient place to do so. He stepped off to the side of the Alamo a bit away from the facade and took care of business. The foot patrolman then arrested him (around 6 or 7 PM) and called for wagon transport resulting in my dispatch to the scene. Ozzy was charged with public intoxication, a class c misdemeanor and after searching him for weapons/contraband (routine but nothing was found). I loaded him into the wagon and took him to the Bexar county jail which is currently the Wackenhut Federal Parole Violator facility. Ozzy was like a cat raised high off the ground in the wagon in that he crouched over and spread out his stance and arms very wide. He never spoke and only made a loud grunting scream when the booking Sgt at the jail asked him to sing something after learning who he was. Ozzy reportedly was dressed as a woman but this is not true. He was wearing tennis shoes without socks, sweat pants and a T-shirt with a pack of smokes rolled in the sleeve. No underwear or jewelry of any kind. He could have been charged with desecration of a venerated object but he was not because no non police complainant was forthcoming. The whole incident was over in 30-40 minutes and by the time I got him to the Jail and was leaving a long black stretch limo arrived to pick him up. That's pretty much it. I think he was a guy in need of relief in a bad way in the wrong place at the wrong time. I know that there is a bad guy mystique about Ozzy but I never saw or heard anything indicating he tried to offend people or be disrespectful. He was simply wasted and not clearly thinking in my opinion. I wish him well." (Contributed by Lone Beader) LB writes: "Even tho I was never part of the band culture in San Antonio, I do have my own footnote in the history of Rock and Roll. In the early 1980s, I worked as a tour guide at the Alamo. I was sitting behind the desk in the Chapel (as we called the main building, the one everyone thinks of as THE Alamo) just after lunch one day in February 1982. A couple comes in and tells me that some guy is out front climbing on the front of the building and that he had urinated by the front door. I grabbed the walkie talkie and informed security while the other tour guide, went outside. A few minutes later, one of our security officers comes in and uses the phone to call SAPD. The call just stated that a John Osbourne was drunk and disorderly and they needed an officer. He (The other security officer) comes dashing back in and excitedly asks me if I know who they have out front. I said "John Osbourne?" He says "!!!" So, being about 8 years older than he at the time and more into country and folk music, I just go "Who?" When I realize who John Osbourne is, I tipped off my husband who worked in the sports department at the now defunct San Antonio Light. The Light "scooped" the story and ran just a small item. I believe the charges were drunk and disorderly and possibly indecent exposure (a common charge for public urination). Bail was made pretty quickly and Ozzy made his show. The resulting ban from playing in San Antonio for ten years was more a result of near trampling at the concert, not the Alamo Incident. It was NOT my fault! LOL. When I read the account on your website of Ozzy At The Alamo, I just wanted to clarify the facts as I know them to be. It could not have been in the evening as the Alamo closed at 5:30 P.M. It was February and getting dark early evening. I know it was around lunch as I had just returned and He (security officer) and the Alamo Hostess (a DRT member) were both at lunch. After reading the account on your website, I again went to Google and did a search for Ozzy and the Alamo. There are tons of hits. Some of the sites say he urinated on a broken down wall. Those were mostly foreign sites. Even tho I was not an eyewitness to the event ( whew!!) there were dozens of tourists who were, so I do have knowledge of several details. The actual spot Ozzy chose was the cigarette urn to the left of the front door of the Chapel. All that spring, we were besieged by 7th graders on their Texas history field trips wanting to know WHERE. The security officer was Mr. Oakes and I believe the responding SAPD officer was the beat cop we all knew only as Billy. The green evening gown part of the story I never heard until I saw Ozzy on a VH1 interview. If I had known he had dressed up for the occasion, I would have gone outside."

PAINTED PONY - See a full photo and comments page HERE .

PARIS BY NIGHT - (Contributed by Anna-Marie) AM writes: "I really like your page. Considering that I have been involved in the local music scene since high school, a lo-o-o-ng time I didn't see anything on my band 'Paris by Night' they have been around since at least 1992. We were shut down a couple of times, Hueys & the Club by UTSA, because they found our music much too dark and depressing. Go figure! The editor of The Current, Mike Hood, said that Jeanine lived behind "foil-covered windows". Some said that "BLACK DARKER" was a suicide anthem. Please go to our site and see what we have been up to. I would love to have someone like yourself say a few words at our record release party...if you remember who we are. Thanks."

PULSATIONS - (Contributed by Mike Cunningham) MC writes: "I play bass for the Pulsations. We formed in 1966 and have played pretty much continuously to the present in and around Midland. I would like to add our band to your listing. We started as jr. high students, played high school dances and clubs, some of us played in college and then all returned to Midland by the mid 70's and began playing again. we now all have families, etc and enjoy the music more now than ever. many tales, many this something worthy of your site?"

THE QUITTERS - (Contributed by Skip Mascorro) SM writes: "After a 15 year dry spell, mostly living in El Paso, I've returned to the Hill Country and to my music now living in Bulverde. My current gig is with some extremely talented players that have their own stories to tell. The band is the Quitters made up of Arlie Blankenship on vocals/guitar, a truly magical song writer that paid a ton of dues for years with the Wimberley Volunteer Fire Ants. Mike Byrnes on drums who is also very accomplished on keyboards and has a hell of an ear for turning the knobs in the studio. Kent Johnson on keyboards, vocalist and song writer. Val Roesling (Union Jack), an extremely tasty guitar player. Most of us have some Sunday church gigs which I'm discovering many from the 60's -70's era now have Our latest CD, Live at Gruene Hall ( Warts & All) is likely to go aluminum any day now!"

THE RICK CAVENDER BAND - (Contributed by Rick Cavender) see photo HERE

SAWN SAHM - Mike Lowell writes: Here is a guy who has been around the SA area all his life. In fact, most area vets have watched him grow up before our eyes to be a deserving force in the area. Although he is the son of the legendary Doug Sahm, he has become a developed 'Honest' musician making a name for himself on his own. Keep On Keepin On Shawn. (Contributed by Shawn Sahm) SS writes: "...I came across your page and wanted to tell ya its really cool!! Good job. If your interested, my new CD comes out this month oversea's and me and Augie and the guys are preparing to go do some more shows over there. Should be a blast. Check out my web site when ya get a chance. Take care and keep up the great work."

SECRET CIRCUS - (Contributed by Bill Lieber) Bill writes: "Phil Arroyo, (lead guitar)Bobby O'Neil (keys), ( Roland (?) (on bass), Tommy Stephens on Drums -- that's Secret Circus! I still sit in with Phil Arroyo in his band Secret Circus from time to time as well as Bepko, Santos & Rose. I also jam a lot with various blues bands in town and play at various open mike jams here in S.A. just for kicks and to network with other musicians."

SHAWN PHILLIPS - (Contributed by Monica Domingue) MD writes: "Another Texas-born singer/songwriter/guitar player is "Shawn Phillips," presently in South Africa, a former sweetheart of a former friend of mine (I would tag along - smile).  His long-time drummer, Barry de Souza (London) passed away in March of this year."

SIXSHOOTER - Mike Lowell writes: "Danny Swinney formerly of Too Smooth plays in this current band. Other members include Six Sanchez Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals Daniel DeLoach- Keyboards, Vocals Danny Swinney- Bass, Vocals Clellan Hyatt-Drums. This country outfit is high octane with members of high calibur and several big hits under their belt. Visit the band website at:

SMALL WORLD - (Contributed by Hank Harrison) HH writes: "My wife, Polly Harrison, is the 7-string guitarist with Small World and they have played all over San Antonio for more than 30 years at a staggering number of jazz clubs. Many with great anecdotes (She was at the Commander's Room for the final night and knew all the musicians...)"

SNAKE DOCTOR - (Contributed by Scott Gerard) SG writes: "I currently play with an outfit out of New Braunfels called "Snake Doctor" ,Tommy Thompson (lead guitar), Dennis Peek (bass guitar), Rene Perez (lead vocals, rhythm guitar) and myself on drums. We recently played a special gig with Van Wilks. He joined us and we played 8 songs from his collection. What a night that was at Tavern In The Gruene in New Braunfels. I still live in San Antonio and I plan on continuing my musical endeavors until I can't anymore. It's great to see some of the old Peddler fans when I play gigs around town."

SPECIAL EDITION - Dallas Band - Mike Lowell writes: Whoa! Wow! I need a bit more time to talk about this current outfit out of DFW. A full review coming soon ... Stay tuned. Until then, bottom line, a group of session players fronted by this female dynamo singer named Linda Bishop. Linda plays concurrently in muliple bands around the area. For you San Antonio readers out there this is DFW's answer to Beth Hooker. Maybe even a bit more. As I said, a full review coming soon. Stay tuned. See the website at:

SPIKE - (Contributed by Mike Lowell) Mike writes: "Here is a rocking bunch of guys based out of Davenport Iowa. Not a Texas band but hot players none the less. My roots go back to when I was 12 growing up in Davenport and me and the lead guitarist Jeff Sime were jammin buddies. Jeff was hotter-n-snot back at age 12. Now here we have him 40 years later still doing his thing with a bunch of other local veterans of the area. Band members include George Riedesel, Jeff Sime, Richie Reeves, Bruce Hunt, and Chris (Creehawk) Ryan. I see from the song list that they cover difficult to play blues and rock classics so I know they must pack a punch. Check them out if you are up in the area."

SWICEGOOD FOLLIES - (Contributed by Monica Domingue) MD writes: "Another great talent during this time was that of Beaumont-origin Bill Swicegood, keyboard/singer/songwriter, of "Swicegood Follies" (along with then wife Patti, vocals; Coy Fuller, drummer; and Roy, last name unknown, guitar).  Earlier, around 1968-1970, Bill was in a band called "Sage" (along with some members who played in a band called "The Clique").  Bill became a medical doctor and passed away while practicing and playing in Dallas in about 1996.  One of Bill's brothers is searching for some of Bill's recordings from these years.  If you would post this info about Swicegood Follies, we would be very appreciative, as it may entice others to comment, which might lead us to fellow musicians' possessions of these recordings."

TAYLOR BROTHERS BAND - Mike Lowell writes: Here is a band for when you feel like steppin out to the dance halls for a whoop and a holler. (Contributed by Bobby Stoner) BS writes: "I grew up in Woodsboro, about five miles from Refugio. We didn't have a lot to do so music was our life. The first dances I went to were played by Mike Taylor and MT Junction, now known as the Taylor brothers."

TENNESSEE VALLEY AUTHORITY - (Contributed by Hank Harrison) HH writes: "I stumbled over your web site the other day and I wanted to tell you what a great idea it is. My name is Hank Harrison. I play fiddle and mandolin in the Tennessee Valley Authority and I have seen a number of clubs come & go. I have a radio show on KSYM called the Hillbilly Hit Parade and have done a lot of research for that show on old country, western swing, bluegrass and cowboy music. I worked for years at the Witte Museum, have contributed to a number of books on Texas music, and have written and produced a KLRN special on Jazz in San Antonio. I currently work at the San Antonio Current where I do a little writing on the San Antonio music scene, past and present. I am working an article about the coffeehouses and alternative nightclubs in San Antonio during the Beatnik years (pre-psychedelic). I have mentioned the site to some musician friends and they are excited about contributing." Mike Lowell adds: "Great to hear from you Hank. I look forward to hearing more from you in the future".

TEXAS UNLIMITED BAND - Mike Lowell writes: "Chris Skiles formerly of Too Smooth plays in this band along with other top notch players from around the state. Other members include: John Lockhart, Tim Langham, Steve Jatzlau, & Andy Kubena. The band can be seen around the state. Based out of Austin. Visit the band website at:

TOBY BEAU - Balde Silva-voc,harp / Ron Rose-guitar,voc / Steve Zipper -bass,voc / Rob Young -drums / Danny McKenna -guitar,voc / Art Mendoza - ?. Mike Lowell writes: This band used to play on a regular basis around SA. I used to see them at a club called the Sports club or something on lower San Pedro. A fellow named Ron Rose was their guitar and banjo player. Ron was a year ahead of me in High School and I saw him all the time and even jammed on a few occasions. The band got a lucky break with a tune called "Angel Baby" that made it to the national top 10. A few years later I saw Ron again around the area. He had a new wisdom about him that comes from reaching the top and back. These days he plays around SA with an acoustic outfit called "Bepko, Fletcher, Santos, and Rose". (Contributed by Wild Bill Lieber) BL writes: "The other night I finally got what I wanted back around 1978. The guys had finally made it big. A couple of LP’s and a top 40 single nation-wide. Then 26 years or so later I walked in to the Blue Cactus Café/Wetmore Store with LP’s in hand. I told the guys that there was something I wanted them to do back in 1978 but just never got around to it. After all was said and done, I finally got those LP’s autographed by my buddy Ron Rose and Mr. Toby Beau himself, Balde Silva. This was truly a night to remember. I felt like I was back at the old Village Inn or perhaps at Roth Baron’s (The Place Next Door) back in the late ’70’s. We need some more San Antonio band reunions…How about HOMER or HEIRONYMOUS or Giant Smiling Dog?"

TOMAN BROS - (Contributed by Chris Holzhaus) CH writes: "Also, I noticed that you have no info on the Toman Bros.? These guys are still together after some 25 years. Southside Boys ...Russ Toman guitar ...bro Randy Toman on bass. Good people, wonderful players. I think at one time they played in the Drugstore Cowboys, but I'm not sure." Mike Lowell adds: "I seem to recall hearing somewhere that an old band mate of mine .. Brian Goldberg played drums for them at one time. I agree with Holzhaus, nice guys and good players" (Contributed by Ray Wilburn) RW writes: "In 1980 I was the first of many Toman Brother band drummers ( which include Brian Goldberg, Bobby Jarzombek, Randy Cunningham, Ralph Guzman, John "Smiley" Reynolds and the current drummer/vocalist Scott Williams). Randy Toman was with Dub Robinson- guitar, and Robert Payne- drums to form the Gary (king of the honky tonk) Stewart's road band line up of the Drugstore Cowboys in the mid to late 70's. Randy left the cowboys to form a rock band with brother Russ Toman- guitar and Robert Payne. At that time they were called "The Blend" of San Antonio. Dub Robinson formed a new group to stay on the road with Gary Stewart. after a few weeks of this line up Robert went back on the road with the Drugstore Cowboys and Gary Stewart. I replaced Robert Payne in the "Blend" line up of Randy and Russ Toman. the first week of this band found us joining Gary Stewart in Nashville to be his road band (due to a conflict of schedule with the Drugstore Cowboys). It was my idea to change the band name to the Toman Brothers when I replaced Robert Payne on the drums, who went back to the Drugstore Cowboys. This line up of Randy, Russ, and I stayed together from 1980 to 1988 at which time I left because of Gary Stewart being dropped from RCA records and me having a bitch of an ex-wife. I re-joined the Tomans briefly from 89' to 90'."

TRINIDAD PANMASTERS - (Contributed by Steve Trowbridge) ST writes: "I haven't seen anything on "The Trinidad Panmasters" (1990-1993) on the new site, but I'm proud to say I ran sound for that truly great band for four years and would love to have my name associated with them."

TRINITY - DL writes: "I heard them play at a hotel near West Ave. They were three guys of Mexican American descent. One was on drums, one was on guitar, and the lead singer also played organ and simulated the bass guitar on the organ. They were very good."

TWILIGHT - (Contributed by Mike Workman) MW writes: "Nov90-Jul92: Twilight played a lot on St. Mary's at Nona’s. Band members were John Sippell on bass, Bobby Hargarther on guitar, Steve Edwards on drums, Carl Span on sax, me on keys, and Carmen Bryant. When she left, Janine Love took over vocals. I think this was the time period when SA Current named Twilight to best band, me to best keyboard. Truthfully, we were promoting the hell out of it."

STEVIE RAY VAUGHN - Mike Lowell writes: Stevie was a regular club artist around the Texas scene long before he reached massive fame. In the early 1980's I saw him at a club called Maggies on San Pedro Ave in SA. I paid $2 at the door and his band Double Trouble had drawn an average crowd for a semi local performer. On this evening, the band was a trio featuring Stevie, Tommy Shannon (formerly with Johnny Winters) on bass (wearing his trademark beret), and Chris Layton on drums. The band was rocking and the dance floor was full. Stevie was a great guitarist but did not strike me as any more special than local guys like Holzhaus or even Paul Kandera on a good night. Also, he was nowhere near the awesome power of Eric Johnson who was also a local pre-fame club artist at the time. Commonly seen around San Antonio and Austin. I guess I was a little jaded by all the great talent in the local area. Still, Stevie was playing great that night and I had a great time. He was using his brown beat up Strat through a single Fender twin reverb and a pedal or two. A simple guitar setup. All he did was turn that twin all the way up and rip. Every so often he would hit a pedal but most of time he was simply blowing with the amp wide open. I went up to him on his break and commented that the band sounded great tonight. He told me that he had not had a chance to play SA in a while and that he would be going back to Dallas after the gig. He said he had been down in Corpus the night before. I asked him how he manages to do those string stretches with such heavy gauge strings. He said "you get used to it after awhile and besides, it's the only way to get a thick tone out of the strat". We chatted a bit more then said "good talking to ya", then he went and got a drink at the bar. I hung out for the remainder of the night just enjoying the action. A pretty typical night out seeing local talent. Little did I know at the time what was about to happen with his fame and all. Mike Lowell writes: Chris Holzhaus wrote to tell me of an earlier and longer term lineup in the years before called "The Triple Threat Review". ( Contributed by Chris Holzhaus ) Chris writes: "WC Clark was on bass in them days...also Johnny Reno from Big D was on sax". (Contributed by CJ Wilson) CJ writes: "I once opened for Stevie Ray Vaughan in '87 at OKC Zoo Amphitheater. The band i was in for the SRV show was called Blue Tuesday. I have a couple pictures of us together, and several autographs. There was a write-up in the Daily Oklahoman about the show and i got my name mentioned in the article saying i had 'steamy solos', so that was nice..(it WAS kinda hot up there!) He wanted to buy my old Marshall. He was real nice." (Contributed by Randy Galliher) Randy writes: "I saw Stevie Ray Vaughn at the San Antonio Speedway circa 1982. Kiss FM (99.9) had a special concert where you could get in for a buck. Most of the bands were not too memorable. Stevie Ray started playing and I had to get up front to see him up close. I was amazed by his guitar style. About a year later he started making 'big'." (Contributed by Martin Medina) MM writes: "Yeah, he used to play Maggie's a lot, but back then it was called Reed's Red Derby. I remember seeing him with a female vocalist (Luann Barton, or Marcia Ball maybe?) - I thought she was Stevie Ray Vaughn!!! I too stood up front and was totally amazed. I saw him during a break and mumbled something about how great he was, he just smiled and said thanks." (Contributed by Steven Haynes) SH writes: "When I was about 12, My mom would sneak me into a club called Reeds RED Derby (now Maggies) to see a group warm up for a female piano player named Nabiko. It was the Triple Threat Trio (SRV). Just a little trivia, my dad later played regularly with Easy Money at that club when it became Maggies." (Contributed by Hunter Harrison) HH writes: "I saw SRV and Double Trouble play one night at Skipwilly's (former Teen Canteen) Me and my friend were the only two people (other than the staff) in the place! A four hour gig just for us! They played like there was a whole room full of people there. Those were the good old days."

WILBURN BROTHERS - (Contributed by Ray Wilburn) RW writes: "I started playing with my brother Herman in 1974 to form the Wilburn Brothers. From 92 to 94 I was with my brother Herman in the Wilburn Brothers (he's still playing around town under that moniker with his original bass player since 1980). 1994 to 1997 I was in North Carolina and played with the Outlaws bass player Harvey Arnold and Chaple Hill guitarist Jason Barker in a blues rock trio called "Blue Coyote". In 1997 to 2001, I'm back in Texas and jobbing out with Wayne Harper, Mayer/Anderson, Robert Demel ,Wilburn Brothers, Toman Brothers and Chris Story."

VAN WILKS - Mike Lowell writes: Van is pretty much a fixture around the Texas area. Based primarily out of Austin where he has won numerous awards as best guitarist. I have seen him play the SA area with various bands going back to the early 70's at the TEEN CANTEEN. Van is very much a product of the Billy Gibbons mold of guitarist. In the mid 80's he got signed under Bill Ham (ZZ TOP manager) and released an LP called "Bombay Tears". I once had the chance to play the warm up slot for Van with my band RENEGADE at a club in SA. His personality is very intense and he is neither friendly nor rude, just very focused and serious about his playing. His playing is powerful and flushes true Texas grit as he leads his trio through the paces. He is by far one of the best of the best players in this area. His 5ft tall equipment effect rack is called the "Vanomatic", is quite secretive, and modern science still does not know what is in it. A modern mystery. Keep playing those chops Van! (Contributed by CJ Wilson) CJ writes: "Van Wilks played here at the Longbranch (OKC). I thought they were alright but at the same time i thought he just tried too much to sound like Gibbons...and also, i was on the way out of digging that style...i mean Billy did it and that should be enough was my thinking at the time. Also, i had been playing ZZ Top for so many years..i was getting a little burned on it. (I still love 'em though.) (Contributed by Pete Williams) PW writes: "In mid-1974, I left my New Braunfels band "Razzle" to move to Austin and get into the happenin' music scene there. In Austin I hung out at the original Mother Earth. My favorite band there was a band called Fools, and the lead guitarist was Van Wilks. During band breaks, I would always go and try to speak with the bands (my goal being to get into the Austin music scene). I would approach him and talk about his music and he was very direct, not friendly, not rude. Fools had a sound sort of like ZZ Top, but with a sophisticated, jazzy edge. Fools was a four piece band. One night I went to see them and they were only 3 piece. I got word that their second-lead-rythm guitarist had quit. I got very excited, thinking this was my break and my chance. I somehow got Van's phone number from the Mother Earth manager, called his house, spoke to a woman. A day later I got a call from Van. "My chick said you called" (silence). We spoke a little about my desire to join them and he mentioned a possible audition but it never happened. Fools remained a 3-piece band. The bass player in Fools was Tommy Shannon, who had formerly played with Johnny Winter and would later play with Stevie Ray Vaughn. Fools had an old beat up purple school bus that they went to gigs in. Somewhere I read that Van Wilks came from Brownwood, Texas,and in the mid-60's,he had a band called Midnight Riders (based on Paul Revere and the Raiders). I saw Van again YEARS later, in Gruene at the Gruene Music Fest in Oct. 1996. I was performing with a little group and Van was coming on after us. He chatted with me in a very friendly relaxed style, not like the Van Wilks of 1974. He got up and played acoustic guitar with an amazing sound (must have been that Vanomatic). One of the songs he played was Bedroom Thang by ZZ Top."

WINTERKAT - See a full photo and comments page HERE .

VINCE VANCE & THE VALIENTS - See a full photo and comments page HERE .

WICKED WAYZ - (Contributed by Albert) Albert writes: "I think they were from Dallas. They kicked ass opening for bands in SA and in Austin. They had a song 'Is it true' on local Zrock mid 90's. I picked up a cd called 'Method to Madness' but was not same band. Nobody knows 'bout them."

ZZ TOP - Mike Lowell writes: ZZ Top was just a semi local act when I first moved to Texas. It wasn't until the early 70's when they broke nationally. After they hit big time, I once had the chance to listen in on a phone call with Billy Gibbons. I was on tour in Houston with my band OVERLOAD when our guitar player, Rob Vaughn, claimed he knew Billy personally. Naturally, we thought Rob was full of it so we called his bluff. While my girlfriend and I picked up extension phones, Rob pulled out his private number for Billy and made the call. Sure enough, Billy was home and picked up the phone and even recognized Rob when he told him who it was. Billy sounded like he would rather not be bothered as he did not know Rob very well. Still, he was polite and told Rob (and us) about the plans for ZZ's upcoming European tour and about progress on the next LP. Rob and Billy talked for about 5 to 10 minutes and said farewells. I never looked at Rob the same again after this. (Contributed by Laurent Perron) Laurent writes: "I have a reel to reel recording I and Marius made of The Moving Sidewalks (Billy Gibbons). We did it at the Canteen on a rainy night like in about 1969. Billy came over and said, "Cool". (Contributed by CJ Wilson) CJ writes: "ZZ Top i've seen several times...the show they did in Tulsa was excellent. I also saw them before that in Tulsa opening for Humble Pie!!! No one knew much about them at the time ...Gibbons was 'hatless'."