Guitar Photo Centerfolds

Guitars! Guitars! Guitars! Oh how I love guitars..... Like most players, there is a special bond, a special unexplainable passionate attraction for your guitar(s)that trumps all other things. Yeah Yeah Yeah! ... women are great ... but don't separate me from my guitar............

This page is a photo gallery for guitarists to show off the real love of your life. If you have a photo of your current or previously owned guitar, I want to see it. Only send photos of a guitar you actually own or have owned. I'm not interested in stock photos from catalogs or Ebay listings, etc etc. The more unique or rare, the better. Include details, specs, or maybe a story about how you acquired it. Let's play show and tell.

In the interest of safety ..... No info about the owners name and address will be posted.

Send a photo if you would like to see your guitar listed here. All makes and models welcome. No charge or hassle. Just send them over ( jpg's preferred ).