The following is a page full of trivia and tid-bits provided by various people who were nice enough to drop me a line and throw me a trivia bone. Thanks everyone!! _Mike

BRIAN GOLDBERG - catching up on bands 2023- Brian writes: "I am doing well. Congrats on getting your site back. It kicked ass then,and it still does now....
Some of the bands I got to drum for in the last 44 years.....

* Bobby Gomez and The Night Riders - at the old club called The Courtyard.Became Carlsbad Tavern.
* John Hawk and Reunited with Paul Kandera,Matt Keating on Bass.
* Squeeze - with Steve Camp,Steve Norman,Carol Scutover on vocals.Bass Kris Klemcke.We had a regular gig at The Nutcracker club.
* The Kustoms - with Mike Zolkowski lead singer,Jeff McCarley on guitar,and the beautiful brothers,John and James Brandesky.
* Sinister Fox - 1975 Jeff McCarley Gtr.,Greg VanDendries? Bass,and Rob Swain gtr.
* Topaz. - 1982 Michelle Skinner lead vocals,Mark Rosin gtr and my Brother Bruce on touch Bass and keyboards.
* Stardust - 1982 Beth,Zip,Fuller,John B.
* Second Wind -1984-1987 Dito Garcia gtr,vocals,synthesizer gtr,and flute.Val Mora Bass,Keyboard,Paula Thompson-vocal,keyboard,Bass,flute.
* Toman Brothers - 1988 Randy bass,Russ gtr.
* Clifton Jansky. - Johnny Short bass,vcl.Larry Horowitel,gtr,steel gtr.
* Ezra Charles and The Works. - 1996 Ezra vcl,piano touch Bass.Mike Seybold gtr.Nancy Dalbey trombone.Jennifer King trumpet,and Scott Krnach sax.
* Cones Sisters -Mike Workman,Billy Staggs gtr,Jerry Field Bass.Jill,Jann,and Jackie.
* Zephyr. - 1978 Albert Garcia vcl,sax,flute.Bruce Wayne (real name) bass.Eric Hertzog gtr,vcl.Gene Villarreal,vcl keyboards.Carol Anderson ld vcls
* Mike Clancy and Nitelife - Mike ld vcl,gtr. Bobby Boykin,vcl,keyboards,touch Bass.
* Frank Rodarte and The Dell Kings. - Frank ld vcl,sax.Robert Gomez vcl gtr.Little Roger vcl. bass ?
* Chris Holzhaus-The Houserockers
* Dave Watson - gtr vcl,Greg Gonzales keys,Sax,flute,vcls.Louis Terrazas Bass, and Noily Johnson ld vcl."